Poppin Hyunjun pays 15 million won a year in insurance for 6 supercars, “I bought them because I danced.”

2024-07-03 23:11:05

Poppin Hyunjun (45) announced that he was using the money he earned as a dancer to buy six supercars and pay annual insurance premiums of around 15 million won.

He said he owns six supercars, half of which he keeps in his main home and the other half in his second home.

Poppin Hyunjun said in a past broadcast, “He wanted to be a role model for people who dream of becoming dancers.

Poppin Hyunjun is a first-generation poppin dancer and a symbol of domestic street dance and poppin dance.

Recently, malicious rumors circulated that he had an affair with his student while running a dance academy, and rumors spread that he had divorced his wife, Park Ae-ri, but this turned out to be unfounded.


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