<Smoking Gun> “Why did you abandon me?” - Anyang brutal murder case

2024-07-03 21:41:04

KBS2, which will be broadcast on Thursday, July 4, will cover the 'Anyang Brutal Murder Case', which includes the sad story of a mother and son.

The police who began the investigation found fine blood traces of an 'Type O male' next to the inner handle of the front door, which were different from those of the victim.

Surprisingly, the person who used the band and the culprit who brutally murdered the victim was Choi Eun-seong, a friend of her son who grew up with her at an orphanage.

The tragic case of a son who had to grow up in an orphanage as a child, and a mother who could not escape the guilt she felt for her son, "Why did you abandon me?" - The full story of the Anyang brutal murder case will be revealed on July 4th (Thursday) at 10:15 p.m. You can check it out on KBS2.


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