Koo Kyo-hwan reveals the behind-the-scenes look at Song Kang, "I begged Song Kang to appear on the show."

2024-07-03 11:11:03

Actor Koo Kyo-hwan revealed the behind-the-scenes story of personally recruiting Song Kang to appear in the movie 'Escape'.

He also revealed the reason for casting Song Kang, explaining, "(The role of Song Kang) is a character related to my narrative in the play, and I thought of Song Kang while wondering who would have a face that could tell a million stories even if he appears only briefly."

He talked about the process of persuading Song Kang, saying, "I begged the boss and also begged Song Kang, so Song Kang willingly appeared on the show."

In response, Lee Je-hoon did not hold back in praising Song Kang's visuals, saying, "When I saw Song Kang in person, I felt that I should use the word 'man who tears his face' here."


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