“I also have a very severe calculation disorder” Lee Chan-won reveals the story of how the ‘calculation fight’ became quiet after a word from Lim Young-woong

2024-06-19 04:11:03

Singer Lee Chan-won made viewers laugh by confessing his unusual hobby called 'calculation sickness' on his entertainment program.

Chan-won Lee looked at the storyteller who felt joy while calculating the cost of food and drinks at a gathering and said bitterly, "There's a Chan-won Lee in that neighborhood too."

Chan-won Lee also made people laugh by revealing an episode of a drinking party he had with Min-ho Jang, Young-tak, and Young-woong Lim.

He mentioned, “Once, Min-ho Jang, Young-tak, Young-woong Lim, and Chan-won Lee got together and had a drink,” and added, “Usually Min-ho Jang, the eldest, pays the bill, but we were fighting, saying, ‘I’ll pay the bill.’”


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