‘High-end water strider’ Lee Chan-won, “Lee Jang-woo started the fire!”

2024-06-18 20:41:04

I'm starting my dream of starting a restaurant business.

On this day's broadcast, Yang Se-hyung said, "When the broadcasting station is no longer looking for me, I want to open 'Yang Se-hyung's Galbi' with my younger brother," showing a special brotherly love for doing business together.

As the various experiences of the Salty Avengers MCs related to the business are revealed, Yang Se-hyung recalls Jang Dong-min, who came to his house in the past and encouraged him to join in the business, and said, "I sprayed alum three times after that brother went."

In addition, money trainer Kim Kyung-pil, who confirmed that the client was receiving a high-interest loan while examining his client's spending history, provides a customized diagnostic method called 'borrowing mass index'.

Money trainer Kim Kyeong-pil says, "Loans are essential when doing business, but there are good debts and bad debts." He suggests ways to distinguish between debts and loans and a special solution to escape from the ultra-high risk group.


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