[Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell] Dr. Oh Eun-young, “Encouraging reconciliation to an unprepared wife is not a solution but a secondary harm” ‘Return home with safety guaranteed’ Provides customized solution for couples

2024-06-18 19:11:04

MBC's "Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell", which aired at 10:45 pm yesterday (17th), featured a wife who cannot trust her husband who has no financial sense, and a husband who keeps asking for forgiveness from her wife in an attempt to restore the broken faith between them, 'Credit'. A ‘couple’ appeared.

The couple said that the trust between them was broken due to 'economic problems' that kept recurring during the 19 years of marriage, from the beginning of their marriage to the present.

After listening to the two people's story, Dr. Oh Eun-young made the most decisive statement ever and even proposed a divorce solution in a healing report, saying, "If the same pattern repeats, get divorced," arousing viewers' curiosity even more.

Her husband's clothing business was covered by a loan in her name, which led to an economic crisis. Moreover, the wife was shocked to hear that she had never received any living expenses during the 19 years of marriage and that she had bad credit due to credit card debt. gave it

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who watched the couple, said, "Money is not everything for a couple, but it is a very important part of maintaining a life," and sharply pointed out, "There is a problem with the husband's financial ideas."

She also criticized the wife, saying, "The wife who lives with her husband is in a dark state due to problems with his financial outlook. If the same problem continues, the two will inevitably suffer poverty in their old age."

Her wife brought up her story, saying, "You say you're sorry, but the wound from January 1st hasn't healed yet."

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who listened to the couple's story for a long time, said, "The wife is now home, but her healing report was, 'She should not go home until she is comfortable.'"

In next week's trailer, which was released at the end of the broadcast, the 'counter-paying couple', who install their own CCTV in the house to monitor each other and even report it to the police, visits "Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell."


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