[SBS Shoes Off, Single for Men] “Why are you so cute?”

2024-06-18 15:41:03

What is the story behind Tak Jae-hoon shooting a bullet of love at actress Lee Jeong-eun?!

Also, Tak Jae-hoon, who was fascinated by Lee Jeong-eun's cuteness throughout the recording, showered her with love by asking, "Why are you so cute?"

However, when Lee Jeong-eun said that she missed Kim Jun-ho the most out of 'Single for Men', she expressed her disappointment by saying, "I was hurt," and the scene became a sea of ​​laughter.

In particular, on this day, 'Single for Men', who boasts a close relationship with Choi Jin-hyuk, showed off their affection by preparing wreaths and cheering cakes in hopes of Choi Jin-hyuk's drama success.

It is said that the oldest Tak Jae-hoon, who was hearing this, got up from his seat and shouted at his peer Lee Jeong-eun, "Jeong-eun, let's go out and die!" and then shouted at the rest of the 'Single For Men', "Why don't you get up soon, what are you doing?" and devastated the scene.


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