Dolby introduces new ‘Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos’ solution to Megabox premium theaters

2024-06-18 03:11:03

Dolby's new integrated solution, 'Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos', can be applied by theater companies to their own premium theaters, providing a new way to provide the Dolby experience to moviegoers. .

Dolby's premium HDR video technology 'Dolby Vision®' and next-generation immersive sound technology 'Dolby Atmos®' applied to the new integrated solution provide film directors and producers with a new level of filmmaking experience. do.

“Korean moviegoers, who have a very keen eye for technology, have shown a high preference for Dolby Cinema,” said Michael Archer, vice president of Worldwide Cinema Sales and Partner Management at Dolby Laboratories. “We will continue to cooperate with Box to bring the amazing experience of the ‘Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos’ solution to more premium theaters in Korea so that audiences can enjoy watching movies more happily.”

Nam Yong-seok, CEO of Megabox Division, said, "Megabox is Korea's only Dolby Cinema partner, and Dolby is an innovative partner that has experienced rapid growth." He added, "By introducing this new solution, we will not only strengthen the partnership between the two companies, but also enjoy movies at premium theaters in Korea." “We will take the experience to the next level.”


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