[SBS Connection] Ji Sung and Park Geun-rok, “Don’t let your guard down until the end!” Surprise VS resolute in a tense confrontation, polar opposite expressions!

2024-06-18 00:11:03

‘Last minute twist on the way home from work’ moment!

Jang Jae-kyung looks at Jeong Sang-eui with a determined face and expresses her unwavering determination to investigate. Jeong Sang-eui looks at Jang Jae-kyung blankly and calmly asks Jang Jae-kyung's next move.

However, Jeong Sang-eui soon changes into a stern expression, and with her one word, Jae-kyung Jang freezes like ice.

As a result, a charming scene was completed that deepened her suspicions about Jang Jae-kyung's investigation and mystery-filled Jeong Sang-ui, which spurred her further.

The production team described this scene as "a scene that clearly reveals the complex psychology of Jang Jae-kyung, who can neither recklessly trust Sang-ui nor ignore his words," and added, "In episode 8, which will be aired on the 15th (today), Park Tae-jin and Won Jong-soo will meet." , Jang Jae-kyung expands the scope of the investigation toward Oh Chi-hyeon, and Oh Yun-jin (Jeon Mi-do), who will cooperate with Jang Jae-kyung in a more awakened manner.”


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