New Jeans, comeback with new song ‘How Sweet’ after 10 months!

2024-05-24 17:41:02

Captivating summer with hip and cool charm

Female idol group NewJeans finally made a comeback after 10 months with the release of their new Korean song 'How Sweet'.

The members, who shared their thoughts on their comeback through their agency ADOR, said, "This is an album that we all focused on, prepared hard, and put a lot of care into," adding, "It contains songs with different charms, so the Bernese will be able to enjoy it in a variety of ways." revealed.

The title song 'How Sweet' is a bouncy hip-hop style song based on Miami, and fully exudes New Jeans' hip and cool charm.

Meanwhile, Min Hee-jin, CEO of Adore, who is currently under pressure to be dismissed from HYBE, posted a countdown screen to the music release time on her Instagram story on the 24th, expressing her expectations for New Genes' comeback.


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