MBC's new entertainment pilot <Why Wassup in This Remote Village> Park Jun-hyung, Brian, Jonathan and Johnny, first trailer released!

2024-05-24 17:11:04

In the preview video released for the first time, Junhyung Park from California, who has lived in Korea for 28 years, and Brian from New Jersey, who has lived in Korea for 25 years, appear first.

Expectations are building from the beginning as the scene of the so-called 'Korean pose' traveling to Korea together unfolds.

Here, Korean expert(?) Jonathan and NCT's Johnny, a Korean from MZ, appear as special guests, and attention is focused on the 'real' Korean exploration that will be presented in a remote village with trouble-making(?) American brothers.

Even in the short preview video, many viewers' attention is focused on the perfect chemistry between Park Jun-hyung, Brian, Jonathan, and NCT Johnny, which can only be seen on 'Lee Oe-jin', and the healing scenery just by looking at it, raising expectations for the broadcast. there is.


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