Lee Sang-min confesses his honest feelings to Yang Jeong-ah!

2024-05-23 03:11:03

Alluding to a 'love triangle' and asking 'A drink alone?'

In the program, Ye Ji-won made people laugh by talking about her loneliness, and Yang Jeong-ah agreed that the recent good weather actually amplifies loneliness.

Lee Sang-min recalled the moment he first saw Yang Jeong-ah at the gym and talked about her beauty.

In the past, Woo Hee-jin and Ye Ji-won, an alumnus of Seoul Institute of the Arts, recalled Woo Hee-jin's past by praising her as an icon of her time, and Woo Hee-jin was embarrassed by the praise.

As Yang Jeong-ah explains why her men cannot approach her easily, both Lee Sang-min and Tak Jae-hoon appear to cherish their relationship with her.


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