[Jangan’s Topic] First Broadcast D-DAY Jang Yun-jung

2024-05-21 15:41:04

Tonight at 10 PM, expectations are raised by showing ‘amazing chemistry(?)’!

The production team of MBC's new pilot entertainment program 'Jangan's Topics' (planned by Park Chang-hoon, directed by Jang Hyo-jong, Lee Joo-won, and written by Yu Na-ol), which will be broadcast for the first time at 10 pm on the 21st, is about the business match between 'Sonmat' Jang Yun-jung and 'Brain Player' Ahn Jung-hwan. Points to watch were revealed.

The two teams, who were more immersed in business than anyone else, are said to have made the scene into a sea of ​​laughter by not only showing fantastic chemistry between members, but also showing chemistry by going to any lengths to pursue business.

As the queen of events, Jang Yun-jeong, who has identified local hot spots, captivates the taste buds of guests by presenting 'specialty dishes' with her unique taste.

You can find out who will be the winner of the first business competition and the 'hip' specialty products selected by Jang Yoon-jeong


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