Kang Daniel files criminal complaint against A, the majority shareholder of his agency...

2024-05-21 12:41:03

10 billion contract, 2 billion embezzlement, use of bearer card

On the 20th, Kang Daniel's side announced through Woori Law Firm, "We have filed a criminal complaint against Mr. A on charges of forgery of private documents, embezzlement, breach of trust, infringement on information and communication networks, and computer fraud."

Kang Daniel's side claimed that Mr. A had committed several inappropriate acts, including signing an advance distribution contract worth 10 billion won without his consent, embezzling more than 2 billion won in company funds, using tens of millions of won on an anonymous corporate card, and making false statements. .

In particular, it was revealed that Mr. A stole Kang Daniel's name and withdrew 1.7 billion won from the bank account.

Kang Daniel's side stated, "Kang Daniel, who has been protecting the company for the past five years, has worked hard for over a year to minimize damage to his artists, employees, and contract partners, but in the end, he has decided to file a criminal complaint."


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