Pisik University apologizes for controversy over defamation of Yeongyang-gun region...

2024-05-19 22:11:05

“I sincerely apologize for the rude expression.”

A week after the 'Made in Gyeongsang-do, Yeongyang-gun' episode posted on the YouTube channel 'Pisik University' on the 11th sparked controversy for degrading the region, Pisik University issued an apology and deleted the video.

In an apology released on the 18th, Physic University Lee Yong-ju, Jeong Jae-hyung, and Kim Min-soo said, "The Yeongyang-gun episode was filmed with an emphasis on the concept of a quiet area even though there are many local attractions," and "Accordingly, unreasonable expressions were used to bring fun to the content. “I did,” he said.

Physic University admitted, “We used careless expressions that lacked consideration for local residents and small business owners,” and said, “We sincerely apologize for being delivered without filtering to viewers in a form that is difficult to accept as a comedy.”

Physic University said, "We will take this incident as an opportunity to look back on the social responsibility of comedians," and pledged, "In the future, we will strive to respect local culture and the voices of residents through more careful and meticulous content production." .


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