Kim Ho-joong, amid hit-and-run charges, goes on stage at the concert and says, “The truth will be revealed”... Concert held in Changwon, “I will take all the sins and hurts.”

2024-05-19 19:11:04

Kim Ho-joong, who is currently under police investigation, went on stage despite the controversy.

Kim Ho-jung continued the performance as usual, saying, “There is Kim Ho-jung outside and there is Kim Ho-jung on stage, and I will show you as Kim Ho-jung on stage.”

However, some audiences are complaining that even if they want to cancel the performance after hearing about Kim Ho-jung's controversy, they cannot do so because of the expensive reservation cancellation fee.

As a result of the National Forensic Research Institute's findings and police investigations, Kim Ho-jung's drinking continues to be revealed, and investigations, including search and seizure of entertainment establishments, are continuing, but Kim Ho-jung's side is denying drinking and going ahead with the performance.


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