[She Killed] <Reveal of the unique murder calendar that stained ‘May’ with blood>

2024-05-19 11:11:05

MBC's brutal crime series "She Killed", which airs today (19th) Sunday at 10:50 p.m., focuses on the "death case of the late Hong Seung-bin," in which Goh Yu-jeong's stepson died suddenly two months before the "Jeju ex-husband murder case." Deal with it.

Seungbin's father, who has been alone in revealing the injustice of the sudden death of her healthy son, expressed his thoughts, saying, 'Please remember Hong Seungbin as Hong Seungbin, not as Yoo Yujeong's stepson.'

In episode 2 of “She Killed” aired tonight, “Innocent Koh Yoo-jeong, Murderer’s Lies,” the questions surrounding the death of the late Hong Seung-bin (6), which has become a permanent mystery, are explored.

The production team closely traces the connection between the ‘Jeju ex-husband murder case’ and the ‘death case of the late Hong Seung-bin’ and the traces of Go Yoo-jeong.


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