Kim Ki-ri and Moon Ji-in's marriage are flooded with congratulations from entertainment industry colleagues... Sung Si-kyung congratulates them with 'two people'

2024-05-19 10:41:04

Singer Baek Ji-young blessed the couple's future by singing Sung Si-kyung's 'Two People', and actress Park Jin-ju and comedian Jo Hye-ryun also wished them happiness with congratulatory songs.

At the wedding on this day, a large number of entertainment industry colleagues attended and celebrated, including Song Eun-i, the CEO of Kim Ki-ri's agency, comedians Lim Ha-ryong, Lee Seong-mi, Ji Sang-ryeol, Shin Bong-sun, Jo Hye-ryun, Im Ra-ra, actors Shin Ae-ra and Choi Kang-hee, singer Sleepy, and broadcaster Park Seul-gi.

Wedding attendees sent warm messages congratulating Kim Gi-ri and Moon Ji-in on their social media.

Actress Choi Yun-young sent her blessings, saying, “Congratulations on the wedding of a crybaby and a fairy,” Jeon Hye-bin said, “The most blessed couple in the world,” and singer DinDin left a message filled with affection, saying, “Congratulations ♥ It made me cry.”


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