Ryu Jun-yeol participates in the Masters Par 3 Contest...

2024-04-11 22:41:03

Kim Joo-hyung becomes a hot topic as a caddy

Actor Ryu Jun-yeol is garnering attention by appearing as Kim Joo-hyung's caddy in the Par 3 Contest, an event before the opening of the Masters Tournament, the first major tournament of the men's golf season.

Previously, Ryu Jun-yeol participated as Kim Joo-hyung's caddy in the par 3 contest held at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

The Par 3 Contest is a game prepared for players to make memories on the eve of the Masters Tournament, and is known to be more of a 'festival' than a competition for rankings, with family members or acquaintances serving as caddies.

Ryu Jun-yeol supported Kim Joo-hyung through his agency, saying, "I made an unforgettable memory by experiencing the Masters tradition with Kim Joo-hyung's invitation."


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