Jackie Chan reveals his current status with white hair and white beard...

2024-04-11 03:11:02

“For the sake of the movie character, my health will not deteriorate.”

Hong Kong star actor Cheng Long (Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan, 70), who is celebrating his 70th birthday, calmed fans' concerns by explaining the recent rumors of worsening health.

On the 8th, Cheung Rung shared his birthday thoughts on his Instagram, writing, "Many of my friends have reminded me, 'It's your 70th birthday!' and every time I hear that number, my heart stops for a moment." reported.

Next, Cheonglong said about his current state of white hair and white beard, which caused fans' concern, "Not long ago, many of my friends were worried about my health after seeing a photo of me posted on the Internet.

Finally, Cheng Lung revealed past photos filled with memories and said, "All I can say is that I love making movies and I love all of you.


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