Kang Kyung-jun, failed to reach an affair lawsuit settlement...

2024-04-10 22:11:03

transition to trial

Actor Kang Kyung-jun, who is suspected of having an affair, fails to reach an agreement with his affair partner's husband and the case is turned into a trial.

According to a Star News report, the Seoul Central District Court ruled that her agreement with Mr. A, who had named Kang Kyung-jun as her incestuous man and filed a lawsuit for damages against her, failed and decided to convert it to a trial.

However, when suspicions of Kang Kyung-jun's affair arose in December last year, his image was greatly tarnished, and his broadcast appearances were also suspended.

Kang Kyung-jun's affair lawsuit has been converted to trial, and the truth is expected to be revealed through future legal decisions.


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