Kim Seung-hyeon's daughter, Kim Soo-bin, confesses her true feelings at 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center'...

2024-04-10 01:11:03

“I made a mistake by being born.”

Actor Kim Seung-hyun and his daughter Kim Soo-bin appeared on Channel A's 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center' and shed tears as they confessed their awkward relationship.

Kim Seung-hyun tried to talk to Kim Soo-bin, saying, "I heard your boyfriend brought you here?", but Kim Soo-bin responded coldly, saying, "I have to eat these, French fries."

Kim Seung-hyun asked, “Is your boyfriend nice to you?” and Kim Soo-bin answered, “He’s nice to you,” and then there was silence again.

Kim Soo-bin brought up her story, saying, "I'm really tired today," while Kim Seung-hyun focused on eating a hamburger.

Kim Soo-bin said, “The air in the space itself feels awkward.


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