‘King of Four Lords’ Kwak Ji-hye has both acting skills and presence...an actress with great expectations for the future

2024-03-29 06:11:02

Kwak Ji-hye played the role of aspiring singer Jeong Ah-jin in 'King of Four Pillars', and she naturally blended into the drama with her lovely visuals and refreshing charm, as well as her stable acting skills.

After she visits Geum Tae-young to overcome her stage fright, she becomes embroiled in a series of events, and in the process, Kwak Ji-hye shows off perfect chemistry with her co-stars.

Kwak Ji-hye, who started out as a child actor and began her career as an adult actress, gradually developed her own spectrum by appearing in SBS's 'Police Station Next to the Fire Station', JTBC's 'Awesome Fixer', KBS2's 'My Father is Strange', and the movies 'Stella' and 'Diva'. It is gradually expanding.

She is attracting attention to Kwak Ji-hye's acting progress, as she is considered an actress with even more expectations for her future, showing off her solid acting skills and unique presence unlike any rookie through TV, screen, and OTT.


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