Lee Hee-moon, crossing the line from folk song to popular song...

2024-03-29 03:41:02

Songpom Stories Ⅱ ‘Gangnam Rainbow’ performance

The new work 'Gangnam Rainbow' is based on the autobiographical story of Lee Hee-moon, a singer who grew up in Gangnam, Seoul, and is a work that captures the brilliant growing pains of adolescence that everyone experienced.

The 'Gangnam' series, a repertoire that captures the life of singer Lee Hee-moon before singing folk songs, was created with a trilogy in mind.

In this ‘Gangnam Rainbow’, Lee Hee-moon also participates in composing the synopsis of the work and composing it (the task of adding new lyrics to existing folk songs) and performs as a one-person play.

'Gangnam Rainbow', which will be performed at the Jayu Small Theater of the Seoul Arts Center, can be reserved from 14:00 on March 28 through the Seoul Arts Center and Interpark Ticket.


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