Jang Da-ah shows off her real-life sister chemistry with her younger sister Jang Won-young...

2024-03-29 01:11:03

'Pyramid Game' finale interview

Actress Jang Da-ah and her younger sister Jang Won-young showed that they are real sisters.

Regarding this, Jang Da-ah said, "I had a very strong dream of acting and achieved that dream, so I wasn't too shaken or worried about the additional parts."

He continued, “However, when showing my debut work, I was worried that the character I was supposed to show in the work might be lacking or unsatisfactory in expressing it, and since it was my first time acting, I wanted to reach the standard I had set in that regard.

Also, regarding the modifier ‘Jang Won-young’s real sister’, “It is my debut work, but when it first started becoming known, I was already open about that part.

Looking at her sister's performance, she said, "I don't think there's anything special to say, and I think I was calm after seeing all the sisters in real life."


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