Lee Gyeong-gyu opens up about the 'health abnormality theory'...

2024-03-28 20:11:03

Confession of aftereffects of shingles

Broadcaster Lee Gyeong-gyu opened up about the 'health abnormality' rumor that recently emerged and shared his health status.

Lee Gyeong-gyu appeared on tvN's entertainment program 'You Quiz on the Block', which aired on the 27th, and mentioned his 'health abnormality theory' that became known through a recent article.

Lee Kyung-gyu responded, "The purpose of my coming today is to tell you to take care of your health.

Previously, at the end of last year, a netizen captured a broadcast screen of the KBS2 entertainment program 'Immortal Songs' in which Lee Kyung-gyu appeared and said, "I got to see Lee Kyung-gyu's ear flap, and I can see that the line is clearly drawn.

Lee Gyeong-gyu alleviated viewers' concerns by dispelling rumors about his health through today's broadcast, but at the same time, he aroused regret by revealing that he had been having a difficult time due to the aftereffects of shingles.


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