Tvarotti Kim Ho-jung joins ‘Newly Launched Pyeon Restaurant’…

2024-03-28 19:41:03

Revealing the unpredictable My Way cooking style

Superstar Kim Ho-joong appears on KBS 2TV's 'New Release' (hereinafter referred to as 'Pyeon Restaurant') and shows off his unpredictable My Way cooking style.

Kim Ho-joong, who introduces himself as “Power Ultra Korean Food!”, is sincere about eating, and as much as he is serious about eating, he presents a My Way cooking style full of unpredictable twists and turns.

Chef Lee Yeon-bok raised expectations by praising Kim Ho-jung's cooking style and calling him "a talent tailored to 'Pyeon Restaurant'."

With an extraordinary morning routine, a charm that crosses the line between a wild bear and petit petit, and a My Way cooking style full of twists, Kim Ho-joong announces his first appearance as a NEW episode chef who will turn 'Pyeon Restaurant' upside down.


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