[100-minute discussion] <Policy pledge discussion> Verification of development pledges..What is the public opinion on real estate?

2024-03-27 15:11:03

Ahead of major elections such as the general election, various development and real estate pledges, such as housing supply, regional development, and transportation environment improvement measures, have received a lot of attention.

Today, on MBC's "Policy Pledge Debate" and "Verification of development pledges...what is the public opinion on real estate?", Dae-jung Kwon, professor of real estate at Sogang University Graduate School, Chang-moo Lee, professor of urban engineering at Hanyang University, Gwang-soo Lee, CEO of Gwangsoo's Nebokdeokbang, and Jin-hyung Joo, former CEO of Hanwha Investment & Securities, appeared on the economy. We verify the real estate policy pledges of the 22nd general election from an expert's perspective.

In this general election, various development pledges are being made centered on constituencies. What are the noteworthy features among the real estate-related policies and pledges of the 22nd general election?

Among the major development and real estate-related pledges announced by the two major parties, the common pledges are the extension of the GTX, a metropolitan express railway that connects major points in the metropolitan area, and the undergrounding of the railway.


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