Lee Chae-min and Ryu Da-in, sweet romantic relationship confirmed through 'Lovestagram'... They formed a relationship on 'Ilta Scandal'

2024-03-27 06:41:03

After a video of their date went viral on the 25th, Lee Chae-min and Ryu Da-in acknowledged their relationship by releasing a photo of them wearing identical outfits.

Next, Ryu Da-in showed a sweet side when Lee Chae-min expressed her support for her thoughts on the end of the drama 'Pyramid Game', and she replied, "I love you, thank you."

Lee Chae-min and Ryu Da-in met for the first time in the drama 'One Shot Scandal' last year and developed into lovers.

After debuting in the drama '18 Again', Ryu Da-in played her first leading role in 'Pyramid Game' and gave a passionate performance.


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