Oh Jeong-tae and wife Baek A-young appear in 'Same Bed, Different Dreams 2'...

2024-03-27 02:41:03

A mass of contradictions vs. a mass of germs, a war of nerves unfolds

In 'Same Bed, Different Dreams', which aired on the 25th, Oh Jeong-tae appeared as a new destined couple with his wife Baek A-young.

On the occasion of his appearance, Oh Jeong-tae said, "Her wife is having a hard time due to conflict between her mother-in-law and I don't help her with housework, so people think she's having a hard time, but that's wrong.

Baek Ah-young responded by saying, "If I am a bundle of contradictions, then her husband is a bundle of germs," ​​and started a war of nerves.

Baek Ah-young was seen sleeping on the floor under her daughter's bed out of consideration for her husband Oh Jeong-tae.


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