Park Soo-hong's wife, Kim Da-ye, reveals injection marks called "dol injections" after in vitro fertilization.

2024-03-27 01:41:03

Broadcaster Park Soo-hong's wife, Kim Daye, revealed her in vitro fertilization process after sharing the news of her pregnancy three years after their marriage.

He added, “When I opened up the injections I had collected, I thought, ‘There are so many for just one test tube.’ The belly injections I received before pregnancy are not in the photo.”

“Experiencing everything firsthand made me support infertile couples even more because I realized how difficult it was,” she said, expressing the difficulties of overcoming infertility.

Park Soo-hong and Kim Da-ye's couple have revealed their attempts at in vitro fertilization by visiting an infertility hospital through her YouTube channel 'Park Soo-hong, I'm Happy Da-hong'.


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