<Smoking Gun> Body swapped, is the suspect himself?

2024-03-27 01:11:05

Busan ‘murder case without a body’

The older sister of Han Su-jin (pseudonym) who came to collect the insurance money was Han Su-jin (pseudonym), and the Han Su-jin who died in the hospital was not actually Han, but Kim A-young (pseudonym), who had been living in a homeless shelter.

In order to collect about 2 billion won in death insurance money that he had subscribed to, Mr. Han planned an elaborate murder plan by searching in advance for a target who had no family or connections to him.

Meanwhile, in the recording that day, former prosecutor Bae Seok-ki, who was in charge of the case at the time, appeared and told a vivid story of meeting Han Su-jin (pseudonym) in person.

Bae Seok-gi, a prosecutor at the time, said, "Mr. Han was the most vicious criminal I have ever met. After being acquitted in the second trial, I felt very sorry for the victim and I wanted to reveal the truth about how the helpless victim was wrongfully killed." recalled.


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