Yang Se-hyung reveals the secret to becoming a building owner worth KRW 10.9 billion!

2024-02-23 05:41:03

“I have been saving money and focusing on financial investment since I was young.”

He also showed his frugal lifestyle by confessing, "I bought a counterfeit watch after seeing TV celebrities wearing expensive clothes, but even though the glass broke, I ended up using it for another year."

Afterwards, he bought a genuine watch, but showed off his wit by saying, "I was anxious because I couldn't get drunk even after drinking, so I wore it 16 times a year and sold it two years later."

Yang Se-hyung said, "I have always liked real estate, and I worked hard to save up to make my dream come true," and Kim Gook-jin laughed, recalling, "During my trip to Dubai, Yang Se-hyung kept looking at buildings."

Yang Se-hyung showed off his witty remarks by saying, “I bought a building near the station that was an 8-minute walk away, but when I actually walked, it took 4 minutes.”


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