<Park Won-sook's Let's Live Together> Sisters, project to purchase a 'country house' through barter... What was the first item exchanged with a foreign bride?

2024-02-23 00:41:04

The eldest sister, who was embarrassed by Moon-sook's sudden visit, hurriedly looked for the octagonal match that Ahn So-young had received as a gift. As attention was paid to the reason why the eldest sister, Park Won-sook, found Ahn So-young's octagonal match to remove traces(?), she was unable to go to the bathroom during her newlywed years. Curiosity will be amplified by revealing the reason.

Mirroring the example of turning her hairpin into a house, Moon-sook offers to barter matches, and the sisters, who are fascinated by this, take on the challenge of commercializing octagonal matches.

While attention was paid to the meeting with famous people from Yeoju, the sisters' attention was focused on the conflict between Ahn Moon-sook and a foreign priest at the first place they visited.

I couldn't let go of the tension over the decision of the youngest child, Ahn Moon-sook, as the priest gave away the one and only precious item. The result of the first barter exchange chosen by the sisters after the priest's opinion of a 'retirement will' was


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