1 Million holds ‘1 FOR YOU’ fan concert filled with global performances

2024-02-22 22:41:03

This 1MILLION fan concert '2024 1MILLION FAN CONCERT: 1 FOR YOU (produced by Union Pictures)' will feature not only the stage shown in the 'Street Woman Fighter Season 2' broadcast, but also unreleased stages and personal stages that were not introduced through broadcasts/YouTube, etc. As it is scheduled to be presented, interest from domestic and foreign fans is gathering.

1 Million said that he did not have a chance to properly repay the support of fans for 'Swoopa', but he said that he was happy to be able to meet him in person and express his gratitude at this opportunity, and that he would show the best stage as the fans took the difficult step. He expressed his determination.

“We have put a lot of effort into making this a more special project than ever before,” said Park Hye-joo, executive producer of Union Pictures, who is preparing 1 Million’s unique stage and production. “We plan to pay a lot of attention not only to lighting, sound, and stage programs, but also to the media.” He asked for the attention of global fans.

Union Pictures, in charge of concert production/planning, is a production company in charge of projects with top stars such as musical actor Ivy, CNBLUE's Jung Yong-hwa, SF9's Dawon and Jooho, Red Start Boys, and SK Telecom Project (Choi Yena, Niel, Tempest, Luna). .


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